Precision Titanium Machining

titanium machined parts

Advantages of Titanium Machining

Featuring low density, a high strength to weight ratio and high corrosion resistance, titanium can be alloyed with materials like iron and aluminum, and is used in applications like aerospace, automotive and military.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Marine 
  • Automotive

Common CNC Titanium Machining Parts

  • Jet engine components
  • Missles
  • Medical prostheses 
  • Medical instruments
  • aircraft engines
  • Automotive parts
  • Rotors
  • Surveillance and monotoring devices
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Submarines
  • Orthopedic implants

Custom Titanium Machined Parts

With over 70 years of industry experience and a 106,000 square foot facility in Northbrook, IL, we have the experience and capabilities to precision machine your titanium part. Your project will be handled with optimal prices, fast turnaround and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Common Titanium Alloy Grades  

Titanium Grades 1-4 are unalloyed and considered commercially pure. The tensile and yield strength goes up with grade number for these "pure" grades. These grades are used for corrosion resistance and where cost and ease of fabrication and welding are important. These grades are approximately 40% lighter than steel with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Titanium Grade 5 is the most commonly used alloy. It is also designated as Ti6Al4V, Ti-6AL-4V or simply Ti 6-4. Grade 5 is often used in aerospace, medical, marine and chemical processing applications. This grade is relatively strong and has better resistance to high temperatures compared to Grade 2.

Titanium Grade 9 - Also known as Ti-3AL-2.5V, this alloy has higher tensile strength than commercially pure Grade 2 titanium at both room and elevated temperatures. It is also more weldable than Grade 5 titanium.

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