CNC Precision Turning

Panek Precision possesses all of the latest CNC precision turning technology for your component requirements.  With 14 CNC turning centers, we can accommodate CNC turning jobs of all types, including critical GDT features such as microfinishes, true positions and concentricity callouts.  

Our full precision CNC turning capabilities include:

  • Five (5) bar fed CNC lathes with 2.5 inch bar capacity and live tooling ability 
  • Eight (8) stand-alone CNC chuckers with a maximum outside diameter capacity of 12 inches
  • Two (2) super precision CNC lathes capable of maintaining tolerances within two tenths (.0002) of an inch depending on material type

Panek Precision understands your customers can’t wait.  That’s why our CNC turning services is designed for quick setups and rapid turnaround for both high and low volume precision cnc turning jobs.

CNC Turning Product Photos

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  • lathes-DUPpriority-3_th
  • lathes_priority-5_th
  • lathesfel-DUPpriority-1_th
  • lathesfel-DUPpriority-2_th

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