Precision Machined Fluid Connectors

precision machined fluid connectors

Panek Precision supplies over 100 different component types for automotive fluid systems.  Whether for recreational use or professional racing teams these fluid connectors and fluid system adapters are crucial to the performance of carburetor, fuel pump and brake systems.

Made primarily from aerospace grade 2024-T8 aluminum or 303 stainless steel, every precision machined component must meet a smooth microfinish specification to ensure metal-to-metal seals from the fluid line to the system.  Our precision machining processes ensure this spec is met with each and every part.

Another critical feature of fluid connectors is their aesthetic appearance.  Because our customer’s systems are sold mainly in the aftermarket, Panek Precision must adhere to strict branding guidelines and guarantee consistency from one part to the next.   

These fluid system components also illustrate Panek Precision’s commitment to “Total Customer Satisfaction”.  Due to the aftermarket nature of these parts, lead times and forecasts can be unpredictable, but Panek Precision’s willingness to perform quick turn-arounds ensures our customers fulfill their requirements as quickly as possible.

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