Fourslide Metal Stamping

Machining Capabilities

Materials Used

  • 1008/1010 Coil Steel
  • Hot or Cold Rolled


  • High Volumes

Industries Served

fourslide metal stamping

4-slide (Fourslide) metal stamping, also referred to as multislide stamping, is a metal forming or bending process often produced from coiled steel.  For over 20 years our precision metal stamping machines have produced millions of rolled and wrapped sleeves mainly for OEM and aftermarket automotive applications.

Made from 1008/1010 hot rolled and cold rolled coil, these sleeves comprise one of the main external mounting components for ride control and shock absorber systems.  Panek’s ability to wrap a coiled product 360 degrees (see photos) allows for a more cost-effective component and higher throughput when compared to machining DOM tubing.

If you currently have a DOM tubing project that allows for a wrapped sleeve, give us a call or complete the RFQ form to the right.

Precision Metal Stamping Product

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