Robotic CNC Machining

Panek Precision recognizes that in today's world of precision machining, higher throughput and achievement of zero defects have become the norm rather than the exception. To meet the challenge of this higher standard, strategic manufacturing processes within our facility have been fully automated and continuous integration of new robotic technology occurs on a monthly basis. The increased efficiency and quality that have been gained through this new technology provide ongoing benefit to our customers.

Robotic CNC Machining Quality and Lab Services

Our state-of-the-art quality assurance department features an array of advanced equipment and systems to ensure maximum precision and overall quality.

  • Zeiss Coordinate Measurement Machine: In addition to probing, our CMM features full scanning technology allowing for increased accuracy and repeatability of tenths of a micron.
  • Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Measuring System: Sealing surfaces continue to be more prevalent for component functionality. Our Mitutoyo not only checks standard roughness but is multi-axis capable for verifying difficult angle sand small surface areas.
  • Thermo Scientific Niton Xl3t Analyzer: Adherence to raw material and coating specifications is mandatory in today's manufacturing world. Our Niton Analyzer gives you peace of mind by affirming chemical compositions of raw materials and coating thicknesses for finished components.

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