Precision Tube Cutting

Panek Precision’s unique high precision tube cutting capabilities allows for tear-free and burr-free tube cutting.  Other cutting and shearing processes can create small microfractures of the raw material risking problems further up your supply chain. 

However, because Panek Precision cuts all tubing with saw blades followed by facing and OD/ID chamfering inserts, there is no risking of shearing or hanging burrs on your parts.  In addition, our machines cut, face and chamfer all in one operation, allowing for higher volume capabilities and optimal costs.

Our fully integrated CNC tube cutting capabilities include:

  • Up to 3.5” OD
  • 20 inches overall length
  • Counter bore tube ends to tolerances of +/- .001”
  • One operation cutting - Burr Free OD/ID Chamfering
  • Length tolerances as little as +/- .002”- More precise than Brehm cutting!
  • OD Turning
  • Scribing

Precision Tube Cutting Product Photos

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  • FuelRails_v2_8888.jpg
  • edited-1_tube-cut_felpriority-4_th
  • Tube-cut-priority-1_th
  • Tube-cut-priority-2_th
  • tubecut-felDUP-priority-3_th

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