Tube End Forming

Panek Precision’s metal forming capabilities include tube end forming, expansion and contraction of tubing of all sizes.

Our two 50 ton hydraulic presses and two 30-ton hydraulic press allow us the flexibility of end forming both high and low volume jobs.

Our full CNC metal forming capabilities include:

  • 90° and 180° curling
  • Modular dies for increased setup flexibility and production runs of all sizes
  • Metal forming up to .125” wall
  • Ram forming up to 50 tons of pressure

Panek Precision also possesses two Eagle Forming Presses with the following capabilities:

  • Expansion and contraction
  • Up to 4 inch outside diameter 

Metal Forming Product Photos

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  • TubeCutForm2rt_8988
  • TubeCutForm_8985
  • IMG_6161_edited-1-resized_tubeformingpriority-1_th
  • IMG_6163_edited-1-resized_tubeformingpriority-4_th
  • IMG_7542_edited-2fel_formonlypriority-2_th
  • IMG_7601assembly--priority-3_th
  • IMG_7676_edited-1_formpriority-5_th

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