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2011 Aluminum Machining

2011 Aluminum Machining

When you need parts accurately machined to exact dimensions, 2011 aluminum is a quality option. Professionals choose this alloy for its combination of benefits and features suited to a variety of manufacturing and technical applications. At Panek Precision, our 2011 aluminum machining takes full advantage of this high-performance material, satisfying our customers with the end product. 

Industries Using 2011 Aluminum Machined Parts

Our 2011 aluminum alloy machined parts are preferred in industries such as automotive and transportation, general engineering and fabrication, precision engineering and manufacturing, sports and recreation, and marine and nautical. Applications within these industries include:

  • Small gears and clock parts
  • Fasteners, connectors, and other electrical components
  • Sporting goods and equipment
  • Aerospace components
  • Camera and speedometer parts

2011 aluminum also serves for automotive trim, ordnance, appliance parts, hardware, and fittings. The machining process is quick, making this a preferred method for parts that typically do not need welding.

Features and Benefits of 2011 Aluminum Machining 

Our customers select 2011 aluminum machined parts because we can easily create intricate shapes and complex geometries. Tight tolerances give this alloy excellent machinability, and it has several other benefits as well:

  • Corrosion resistance: For parts exposed to atmospheric conditions and moisture, the aluminum alloy withstands corrosion better than other metals.
  • Durability: Even when machining small parts, this tough alloy is a durable option.
  • Heat treatability: Heat treatment, which 2011 aluminum responds well to, increases the metal's strength, toughness, and hardness.
  • Easy anodizing: This improves the finished surface and further protects against corrosion.
  • Weldability: Though 2011 aluminum parts are easy to machine without welding, several techniques work with the material when it does need to be fused.

2011 aluminum machined parts also offer versatility, cost-effectiveness, and recyclability. 

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Professionals in a wide range of industries that require small, precisely machined parts turn to Panek Precision's 2011 aluminum machining. Not only do we turn out the highest quality products, but we also offer competitive pricing. Our service and support teams ensure we understand your needs and that your product is ready within a reasonable and agreed-upon amount of time. Contact us today to request your quote.

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