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6061 Aluminum Machining

6061 Aluminum Machining

Aluminum alloys are metals consisting mostly of aluminum, with a small percentage of other elements added while the aluminum is in its liquid state. 6061 aluminum alloy properties include aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. It could also have traces of chromium, copper, and other elements. At Panek Precision, our 6061 aluminum machining process takes this versatile alloy to create the products you need most.

Industries That Use 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Due in part to strength and corrosion resistance, 6061 aluminum machined parts are often the choice for different furniture, marine, and engineering companies. Professionals prefer this alloy in a wide range of other industries:

  • Medical
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Consumer goods
  • Food and beverage
  • Electronics

6061 aluminum alloy applications vary within these industries and include equipment, tools, rivets, boilers, truck frames, valves, couplings, tanks, bridge rails, and more. 

Features of 6061 Aluminum Machined Parts

Our customers prefer 6061 aluminum alloy because of its versatility, strength, and corrosion resistance, but several other features also make 6061 aluminum machining beneficial:

  • Machinability: This alloy is easy to cut, shape, drill, and mill into a variety of products.
  • Weldability: We use several techniques to weld 6061 aluminum alloy, including MIG welding, TIG welding, and resistance welding.
  • Formability: It is not difficult to form this alloy into profiles and shapes that do not weaken or crack.
  • Full Recyclability: 6061 aluminum alloy does not lose its properties when it is recycled.
  • Heat Treatability: Our heat treatment process gives this alloy additional strength.

As a versatile metal, 6061 aluminum offers these benefits in environments exposed to moisture, those with electrical components, and applications that require unique or complex machining.

Request a Quote for 6061 Aluminum Machining

As your 6061 aluminum alloy supplier & manufacturer, Panek Precision provides excellent service and support with the highest quality metals and best prices. Serving those in the electrical, automotive, and medical industries, we supply products that are strong, easily machinable, fully recyclable, easily weldable, and more.

Contact us today to request a quote for your 6061 aluminum machining service and to find out what other products and services we have to fulfill the needs of your company. 

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