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2024 Aluminum Machining

2024 Aluminum Machining

Due to the alloy's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and fatigue resistance, professionals prefer 2024 aluminum machining for many applications across multiple industries. Thanks to its adaptability, 2024 aluminum alloy works in a variety of demanding arenas that require a lightweight yet durable option. At Panek Precision, our machining capabilities turn out aluminum to your unique specifications, always ensuring safety and customer satisfaction are the priority.

Industries Using 2024 Aluminum Machined Parts

The main elements of 2024 aluminum alloy are copper and magnesium, giving it excellent machining capabilities for the aircraft and automotive industries. Other sectors using this alloy include:

  • Military and defense
  • Marine and naval
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial manufacturing

Within these industries, professionals use 2024 aluminum for a variety of purposes and products, such as fasteners, equipment, auto racing parts, truck wheels, pistons, gears, clock parts, and screws. It is also used for automotive panels, aircraft skin sheets, aircraft wings, fuselage components, electrical hardware, sporting goods, and bulletproof armor.

Features and Benefits of 2024 Aluminum Machining

With their excellent machinability, 2024 aluminum machined parts are perfect for shaping, milling, cutting, and drilling. Other benefits include:

  • Fatigue resistance: A fatigue strength of 20,000 psi means it does well under pressure.
  • Heat treatability: After forming, 2024 aluminum can be treated with heat to achieve a high strength.
  • Cost efficiency: An affordable material, this alloy also machines easily, further cutting down on costs.
  • Corrosion resistance: When properly clad or galvanized, it has an extra layer of protection against corrosion.
  • Versatility: This alloy has a wide range of applications across multiple industries.

When a part or product is going to be under tension, 2024 aluminum machining is a solid option. Panek Precision offers the benefits of this aluminum for a high-quality product, always in a timeframe that works for the customer.

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At Panek Precision, our customers' needs are always our top priority. With rapid turnaround times and quality you can't find elsewhere, we are your source for 2024 aluminum machining. Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about our services and products.

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